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Select Dates September 22nd – October 31st


Haunted Soiree: A Macabre Cocktail Party is a free-roam cocktail party inside of a historically haunted venue.  It’s a night of themed mini-cocktails, extravagant entertainment, music, macabre magic, surreal specters and interactive guest experiences.  A truly unique, 21+ Halloween Event for Grown-Ups!


When you arrive, you’ll be free to experience the events of the evening at your own leisure.  You may simply choose to indulge in the included mini-cocktail tastings, enjoy the live shows and roaming entertainment; or you might decide to dig a little deeper and uncover the surreal ghost story that lies at the heart of it all.  Guests are encouraged to dress up for the evening, be it in costume, cocktail attire, or your favorite time-period clothing!


Our Mini-Spirit Tastings are included in the ticket price, handcrafted and designed specifically for Haunted Soiree.  The evening’s mini-cocktails are curated to feature a variety of unique flavor profiles.  Be bold, try them all and you may find yourself haunted by a new favorite spirit by the end of the night!


Each ghost you encounter has a unique backstory–and they’re just dying to tell you about it.  By speaking with them, you’ll slowly uncover the season’s original ghost story that connects each of the specters to a dark force that haunts the venue.  What is the true nature of the dark force? That is up to you to discover!  Each season’s story is an original tale, inspired by historical hauntings and regional folklore from a specific culture.  Every season is different, with a different cultural inspiration and folklore to discover!


In 1950 Doctor Grigor Volkov ran a psychiatric facility with his wife Doctor Natalia Volkov.  All of their patients also lived at the facility, receiving full time treatment.  After the sudden death of Natalia Volkov during childbirth, everyone who lived inside the Volkov psychiatric facility was found dead–including Grigor Volkov himself.  The characters and themes of Haunted Soiree: The Volkov Possession are loosely based on real life inspirations, including the final days of Grigori Rasputin, the ancient god Veles and other Slavic folktales throughout the centuries.

Come see why Meyer2Meyer Entertainment’s Halloween experiences have been voted

“The best haunted attractions in the country,” 
by PR Newswire and Forbes Magazine

“Meyer2Meyer maintains their reputation of stunning and imaginative creature designs, and thematic and immersive entertainment.” (re: The Bite LA)

"This is the second year I have attended the Haunted Cocktail Soiree and I had an amazing time (again)! This is such a unique experience and so much spooky fun. Halloween is my favorite holiday and this is the perfect way to celebrate it. I loved how the creatures actively engaged with us and kept us entertained--plus the cocktails were so delicious! And it was cool how so many people dressed up for the event. It's definitely worth the money and I'm looking forward to attending again next year."Connie B. (re: House of Spirits - Dallas, Five-Star Google Review)

"The perfect place to kick back and chill with your friends and other horror-like-minded folks. In a way, it’s a sanctuary that we didn’t know we needed where horror can flourish and be appreciated for what it is."Nightmarish Conjurings (re: Rated R - A Horror Speakeasy)

"If you haven't been to this event, GO! Go while you can! This was my first time with the experience, and I'll come back every year! It's an ADULT theme, the actors are wonderfully talented, and the cocktail/truffle pairings was on pointI"Chrisanne S. (re: House of Spirits Seattle, Five-Star Google Review)

"Words cannot describe the experience! It needs to be felt! Los Angeles definitely needs more events this magical. It was truly whimsical, cozy, and artistic..."Shawna O. (re: Kaleidoscope Experience, Five-Star Google Review)

"If you're really into the story...the narrative is so expertly crafted that I want to learn about the other haunts to see what evil connects them all...I can say, without a doubt, I will be attending any future Meyer2Meyer events in my city."Donna S. (re: House of Spirits LA, Five-Star Google Review)

"If you're like me and get really bored by basic bars where you're just supposed to get a drink and...sit down?...this is the perfect interactive night out! The entire experience was filled with surprise and delight. This venue was so artfully transformed into a world with many realms--and it was pretty much my inner child's dream world! Would highly recommend!"Alexa H. (re: Kaleidoscope Experience, Five Star Google Review)

"This is such a great event! We spent [a] fabulous time here! I love that everyone was dressed up, which created a unique Halloween atmosphere!"Liubov B. (re: House of Spirits Seattle, Five-Star Google Review)


Select Dates September 22nd – October 31st
Location: 800 E Roy St, Seattle, WA 98102
Show Length: 2 Hours
Age Restrictions: 21+ With Valid ID
Mini-Cocktail Tastings: Included in Ticket Price. 4-5 Curated Mini-Cocktails, Depending on Ticket Type.
Adult Trick or Treating: Decadent French Chocolates, Included With The Gold Package.


Rainier Chapter House – 1925.  Designed by Daniel Riggs Huntington, a well-respected Seattle architect, this replica of George Washington’s beloved Mount Vernon home is nestled right in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill area. > Get Directions

800 E Roy St, Seattle, WA 98102

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haunted Soiree?

Haunted Soiree is an immersive theatrical production, combined with an old-school variety show, all dressed up as an upscale cocktail party. Each season of Haunted Soiree offers an interactive sinister story, an array of live entertainers and handcrafted miniature cocktail tasting flights. Guests can enjoy Haunted Soiree on a topical level by freely exploring the house, sipping on cocktails and socializing with the spirits, or they can take their experience to a deeper level by participating in ancient rituals and macabre activities to uncover the haunted history of the home. There is something for everyone!

Where is the event located?

800 E Roy St, Seattle, WA 98102

Is there parking?

Parking is extremely limited.  We do encourage you to take advantage of ride shares or public transportation in order to fully enjoy your evening of cocktails.

Is the show scary?

You are able to control your own level of engagement. You may simply sip cocktails with your friends in a festively macabre environment while enjoying music and magic. Or, you may explore the darker more frightening interactive areas filled with oddities and creatures. There’s a level for everyone!


What are the Miniature Cocktails?

Included in your ticket price we create specialty craft cocktails specifically for Haunted Soiree.  We encourage you to try them all as a miniature tasting flight.  If you strongly dislike one of them you can return a full glass for another miniature cocktail that you did enjoy.  Each miniature cocktail is found at a different bar within the venue and themed after that space.

What type/flavors of liquor will be served?

There is a variety of craft cocktails available with different types of liquor. If you don't like a taster cocktail you may exchange your full taster for one that you do like!

I don’t drink alcohol, what are my options?

We can provide non-alcoholic beverage options upon request.

Will beer, wine and additional cocktails be available?

 Yes, however they are not included in the ticket price.  

Will there be any food served?

There will be light snacks available for purchase

Will you have vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free treats available?

There will be limited quantities of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options available for purchase.

What if I have Allergies?

We don’t recommend partaking in the tasting experience if you have serious allergic reactions.  Ingredients are often prepared or packaged in areas containing many allergens and ingredients.  A full cocktail list with ingredients will be available upon request, Please read it carefully so that you don’t miss anything that can put yourself at risk. Please note in rare circumstances substitutions are made.


What are the age restrictions?

The show is 21+ with valid ID.

What time should I arrive?

Our pre-show lounge opens 45 minutes before your scheduled show time.  In the lounge, you may purchase food and beverages while you wait for your show.  Additionally, we strongly encourage you to arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your start time in order to fully explore and interact.  Sessions end promptly at the scheduled time.

Special Accommodations and ADA requests?

\We are happy to help with more information and special accommodations! Since every situation is unique, please contact us in advance at

Is there a dress code?

You have been invited to a cocktail soirée! Guests are encouraged (but not required) to dress in cocktail attire, or perhaps even themed time-period costumes! Basic PPE safety masks are allowed, but please refrain from using full face decorative masks, extensive make-up that hides your features.  Props, handheld props, or weapons are not allowed at the event.

What can I bring?

Guests may only bring small bags up to 12x6x12 inches. All glass items are prohibited. No weapons. No outside food or drinks.

Can I bring my pet?

Sorry, no pets allowed. Service animals are welcome, but please be aware that the event takes place in a crowded environment with theatrical lighting and startle experiences.


  • Four (4) Different Miniature Craft Cocktails
  • Access to All Attractions and Show Areas

Bronze Tickets Only Available at Bucket Listers


  • Five (5) Different Miniature Craft Cocktails
  • Access to All Attractions and Show Areas


  • Trick or Treat for Adults! Decadent French Chocolates direct from France!
  • Five (5) Miniature Craft Cocktail Tastings
  • Expedited Check-In
  • First Entry Into the Show
  • Access to All Attractions and Show Areas


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