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Come see why Meyer2Meyer Entertainment’s Halloween experiences have been voted

“The best haunted attractions in the country,” 
by PR Newswire and Forbes Magazine

“Meyer2Meyer maintains their reputation of stunning and imaginative creature designs, and thematic and immersive entertainment.” (re: The Bite LA)

"This is the second year I have attended the Haunted Cocktail Soiree and I had an amazing time (again)! This is such a unique experience and so much spooky fun. Halloween is my favorite holiday and this is the perfect way to celebrate it. I loved how the creatures actively engaged with us and kept us entertained--plus the cocktails were so delicious! And it was cool how so many people dressed up for the event. It's definitely worth the money and I'm looking forward to attending again next year."Connie B. (re: House of Spirits - Dallas, Five-Star Google Review)

"The perfect place to kick back and chill with your friends and other horror-like-minded folks. In a way, it’s a sanctuary that we didn’t know we needed where horror can flourish and be appreciated for what it is."Nightmarish Conjurings (re: Rated R - A Horror Speakeasy)

"If you haven't been to this event, GO! Go while you can! This was my first time with the experience, and I'll come back every year! It's an ADULT theme, the actors are wonderfully talented, and the cocktail/truffle pairings was on pointI"Chrisanne S. (re: House of Spirits Seattle, Five-Star Google Review)

"Words cannot describe the experience! It needs to be felt! Los Angeles definitely needs more events this magical. It was truly whimsical, cozy, and artistic..."Shawna O. (re: Kaleidoscope Experience, Five-Star Google Review)

"If you're really into the story...the narrative is so expertly crafted that I want to learn about the other haunts to see what evil connects them all...I can say, without a doubt, I will be attending any future Meyer2Meyer events in my city."Donna S. (re: House of Spirits LA, Five-Star Google Review)

"If you're like me and get really bored by basic bars where you're just supposed to get a drink and...sit down?...this is the perfect interactive night out! The entire experience was filled with surprise and delight. This venue was so artfully transformed into a world with many realms--and it was pretty much my inner child's dream world! Would highly recommend!"Alexa H. (re: Kaleidoscope Experience, Five Star Google Review)

"This is such a great event! We spent [a] fabulous time here! I love that everyone was dressed up, which created a unique Halloween atmosphere!"Liubov B. (re: House of Spirits Seattle, Five-Star Google Review)

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